The Artisans

Who Made Your Clothes?

Our weavings are made and naturally dyed by artisans in Indonesia. Each Haida piece is an authentic one of a kind artwork 100% handmade by Sumbanese and Balinese artisans.

We want you to understand that quality is more elegant and sustainable than quantity. We are proud of the people we work with.  We want to create a positive impact around us. Our purpose is to empower our artisans, valuing and introducing their incredible ancient skills to the world. Focusing on traditional culture, ancestral techniques, natural fabrics and dyes, we aim to contribute to a new kind of consumerism where we value each other, our environment and the cultural knowledge that makes every single piece we create unique.

 An infinite gratitude to every human taking part of this adventure.


Head of our Bali factory

Eka is the sweetest one, this kind of human who will always send you positive and happy vibes. She has the purest heart where only love resonates. Eka takes care of us as her own children. She knows how to make us feel home and we always considered her as our "Balinese Mama". So much love and respect for this woman.
Eka has a small factory in the capital Denpasar. She has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Her experience and knowledge in this sector have been a strong asset for us. The quality and design of each piece are carefully guided by this incredible woman. She is a key element of our team.

Meet the Haida Makers, who ethically handcraft all our pieces in our factory in Bali.


Coordinator of Ikat weaving supply in Sumba Timur

Rambu Ana is a beautiful and smiling Sumbanese woman. She comes from a long line family of weavers and knows absolutely everything about the Ikat history and its making process. Visiting her workshop is always such a rich experience to learn some more traditional knowledge about our fabrics every single time.

Ana Uma

Master weaver from Pau village, Sumba Timur

Rambu Ana is a very talented weaver. She learnt from very young age how to master the complex songket weaving technique. Passionate, she also learnt other weaving techniques as Ikat. She can explain you very well where all pigments she uses for the natural dying are from. She is well known in the sector as she already came to Bali in the past thank to Thread of life, a fair trade business that works with culture and tradition conservation to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia to teach about natural pigments. 


We believe in paying fair prices and wages to those we work with. Paying fair wages is as important to us as every other part of our business. It is one of our company’s core values to elevate the standard of living of all those part of the Haida Tribe


Meet the Haida Weavers, who traditionally create our natural dyed weavings.