Haida uses natural fibres and high-quality leather. Our first Collection is deeply inspired by the people of Sumba in Indonesia. They are well known for their strong tribal culture and the quality of their ancestral colourful weavings that are made from 100% natural materials and dying. 

Natural Plant Dye

The beautiful colours of the songket & ikat are produced using plant-based dye only. It takes generations of local knowledge that we are proud to honour.


The term ikat comes from the Indonesian verb, mengikat. Meaning, to tie or bind.
In ikat, the pattern is created on the textile threads using a resist dyeing technique before the textile is woven. This distinguishes ikat from other resist dyeing techniques, in which the fabric is dyed after weaving. The thread from the textile is to be woven is wrapped carefully around a frame so that all the threads lie parallel to one another. Then groups or bundles of the threads are tightly wrapped in sections corresponding to the desired pattern. The bound areas resist the dye and remain their original colour when the yarn is plunged into the dye bath. After dyeing, the thread is rinsed and dried and the bindings are removed, revealing the patterns against a coloured background. As the cloth is woven, the pattern is fully revealed. 

Ikats from Sumba are shown in museums around the world as an example of the highest quality of textiles. The patterns of Ikat are very traditional and authentic, as they represent the village where the cloth was manufactured. In West Sumba, there are more geometric patterns whereas in East Sumba they have figural ornamentation like village scenes, animals, and mythical creatures. All of which have historical and religious significance.


The pattern was made by using supplementary warp threads, which float above the base fabric. Crafting these patterns is a painstaking process; the weaver has to plan every element of the design in advance and insert as many as several hundred heddle sticks into the unwoven threads on the loom, to help her raise just the right warps for each pass of the weft.


Our pieces are handmade using high-quality cow leather, tanned and dyed in traditional methods in order to maintain its' natural beauty and soft feel. Over time, the material acquires wear and becomes softer and more flexible.

At Haida, we choose quality over quantity. Our understanding of Slow Fashion makes us believe that using strong and durable materials will actually make our products last longer. It has been proven that leather can last for decades when cared for. This is an important factor to analyse when deciding between "fake leather" and real leather.  Our purpose is to design products for a lifetime, made from natural materials only, reducing our environmental impact.

However, we are conscious of the cruelty-free concern. This is the reason why we are willing to be innovative and work in the near future with a quality plant-based leather. Stay tuned!