Care Instructions


Hand Woven

With hand woven fabrics, slubs and irregularities occur naturally, and care should be taken to avoid snagging. Haida fabrics go through testing to ensure that they comply with required high quality standards. A detailed care label is attached to ensure your product enjoys a long life and you enjoy wearing it!

Hand Dyed

Most of our woven fabrics are hand dyed from plants. Slight colour variations make every item unique. We recommend that care instructions are followed carefully to minimise colour transfer and fading. 

For all of our jackets, we recommend hand washing to retain the shape and the appearance. Please follow the steps below :

1. Use Only Natural Soap to avoid colour loss. 2. Turn the garment inside out & wash the garment by hand in warm water. Gently agitate the knitted garment to clean. Do not soak, wring or rub too hard. 3. Rinse using fresh cold water. Repeat until the water is free of soap suds. 4. Remove excess water by squeezing carefully and then wrap in a clean towel and press gently. 5. Do not tumble dry as it is liable to cause felting and shrinkage. 6. Reshape the garment and dry flat on a towel, away from direct heat and sunlight. 7. If required iron your garment using the medium heat setting as stated on the care label. 8. Store on hangers.

Please note: While washing your garment, the water might turn brown/red due to the wax used to fix the natural dye.

Do not worry, it does not mean your product is dirty or discoloured. Glass beads are delicate may break if dropped. 

Hand Embroidered

We use hand embroidery on our pieces making each item one of a kind. They should be treated with great care to prevent threads pulling and breaking. Please wash inside out. Do not iron directly on embroidered areas.


The care and attention you give your accessory will help ensure its' long and beautiful life. Regularly apply a non-greasy nourishing cream (test on a less visible corner before applying to the rest of the bag). Avoid direct sunlight that can alter the colour of the leather. Please keep your bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Exposure to water, liquid, oil, makeup, and permanent dyes like this can leave permanent stains.