From Haida to the People

We believe that fashion, and indeed handcraft is a powerful resource, a socioeconomic and cultural development factor. We are a fervent activist of the conscious Fashion Revolution. We care about who we work with.

The remote island of Sumba is one of the poorest islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. But Sumba is culturally one of the richest places, with very strong, ancient traditions. It is a world treasure in term of Art and culture. Majority of Sumba’s inhabitants live below the poverty line, without access to clean water, basic health care and education. Malnutrition is widespread and infant mortality is amongst the highest in the world due to a lack of access to clean water and hygiene. 


This is the reason why we created Haida. Our passion and purpose are to support the amazing artisans we work with and allow their community to live from their art, celebrating their gift. 

Buying one of our products, you support a future community project to give back to the people of Sumba. You will give access to clean water and education. Because there is no development without education. No education without health. Our purpose is to better the living conditions of the communities we work with conserving their traditional cultural heritage.

From Haida to the People. We invite you to be part of it.