About us

Haida Company 

Haida Co. is a young clothing ethical designer company with conscious products and a key message to share: Empower people all around the world. Aiming to have a positive impact through the growing powerful fashion revolution, we make quality products that last.
Each Haida piece is an authentic one of a kind artwork 100% handmade by Sumbanese and Balinese communities. It is our vision that together we will elevate our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbours to create positive change around us. To be innovators, leaders and contributors to an inclusive society & a healthy environment.
Our objective is to make you feel far more than just a customer, but rather one of us actively taking part of the change. We want to build a community of concerned individuals and contribute to a new kind of consumerism where we celebrate knowledge,  life and love.
We very much care about who we work with and which materials are used in our production process, ensuring a more transparent future. We have 3 core values:
We have always been very sensitive to international development issues as well as sustainable development goals. We strongly believe in the power of business to benefit community development, women empowerment and therefore education and sensibilisation.
All our fabrics are made from natural fibers, to be sustainable to the planet. We thrive to be as transparent as possible sharing our improvements. We aim to become a 100% earth-friendly brand, we are not fully there but we are conscious that the change comes step by step.  We are planning to use always more organic fabrics as well as leather alternative. Yes we are soon going Vegan!
By using reusable packaging and keep the tags and labelling as small as possible, we let the products speak for themselves.
Fair Trade
We are proud of the people we work with and we aim to create a positive impact through them, and for them. Our purpose is to empower our artisans, valuing and introducing their incredible ancient skills to the world. Focusing on traditional culture, ancestral techniques, natural fabrics and dyes, we aim to contribute to a new kind of production and consumerism where we value each other and the cultural knowledge that makes every single piece we create unique.
Traditional weavings
As fashion designers, using top quality materials had always been a priority. Being more conscious of our consumption influenced us to be more aware of where we source our materials.
Having a particular interest for handcrafts, we are amazed by the traditional talent and gift of the wavers communities we work with. Their well preserved knowledge passed down from generation to generation is absolutely fascinating.
We travel for traditional heritage, the real world's treasures. We strongly believe that all humans have within them a potential energy to create something beautiful and meaningful. The deeper we go into traditional cultures and the more we see beauty and simplicity in the meaning of life.
Our customers satisfaction is a top priority, we are proud to offer you a unique quality thanks to our artisans rigorous product control. All of our product are meticulously manufactured to exceed your expectations.
We thank you for your faith and support. It is together that we are able to make the change.

About the team

Lou and Candice, co-founders of Haida Co. have been friends for over a decade. Open-minded soul and spirit, they share the same love for travelling and vision of life.

Passionate about the richness of traditions, cultures, and different way of livings, they have been looking for inspiration all around the world.

Having a particular interest for handcrafts, we realized every time a little bit more how talented and gifted traditional cultures were. Their well preserved knowledge passed down from generation to generation always fascinated us. Then the purpose of our travels slowly became obvious. We were looking for talent, for traditional heritage, for world's treasures.